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Russian Law, Practice Areas, Moscow

Russian Law
Practice Areas

At our law firm, we offer a range of specialized legal services related to Russian law to assist our clients with their legal needs. Whether you're a business owner or an individual, our team of experienced lawyers has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with effective legal solutions tailored to your specific needs. From navigating complex immigration laws to handling disputes in court, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and interests every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your legal matters related to Russian law.

Igor Taranov


Administrative Proceedings

Our team provides expert legal advice and representation in challenging regulatory and non-regulatory legal acts, unlawful decisions and actions, licensing and authorization process issues, and representing clients during inspections by the state authorities. We also represent clients in judicial and non-judicial proceedings on administrative offences.


Immigration and Labour Law

We offer comprehensive legal services related to Russian immigration and labour law, including drafting of employment contracts, labour litigation, advising on disciplinary measures, preparing work permit documentation for foreign nationals, and consulting on immigration legislation. We also provide assistance in obtaining second citizenship/residence, including participation in Citizenship-by-Investment programs.


Real Estate Transactions

Our experienced lawyers provide legal services related to real estate transactions in Russia, including structuring, contractual work, dealing with real estate agents and developers, registration process, and comprehensive due diligence of real estate objects. We also advise on taxation issues related to real estate transactions.


Taxes and Finance

Our team offers expert guidance on Russian tax laws and financial regulations, including tax planning for businesses entering Turkish market, tax optimization and models of doing business, tax structuring external/internal financing transactions, and representing in pre-trial settlement of tax disputes as well as representing in court. We also advise on tax-efficient models of financing day-to-day activities and investments, and provide counseling on financial arrangements, including obtaining loans from local financial institutions.


Family & Inheritance Law

We provide compassionate and effective legal solutions for matters related to family law and inheritance, such as valuation of litigation prospects in family disputes and advice on their resolution, both in and out of court, settling disputes involving aliens, alimony disputes and divorces, separation of property, determination of domicile for an underage child (children), guidelines for its interaction with a separately living parent, guidelines for child upbringing and support matters, wills and estate planning, and representing clients in inheritance proceedings both in Turkey and Russia.



Our team has extensive experience in Russian litigation, offering services such as early case assessment, collection of evidence, preparation of statements of claim, complaints, motions, and other service documents, enforcement of judgments as part of execution proceedings, enforcement of foreign judgments and international arbitral awards, drafting and execution of settlement agreements, representing clients before state courts of all levels, and asset tracing and recovery.


Corporate Law

We provide legal due diligence, drafting and analyzing corporate documents, shareholder agreements, and other related documents, advising on structuring foreign investment in Turkey, setting up legal entities, completion of registration procedures at public bodies, and day-to-day legal support of existing business.


Criminal Law

Our experienced lawyers offer effective legal solutions for individuals and corporations facing criminal charges in Russia, advising and representing clients at all stages of criminal investigations, counseling on interaction with local criminal prosecution bodies, providing and implementing effective defense strategies, representing in courts, and advising on the enforcement stage. We also advise corporate clients on fraud prevention and emergency fraud response.

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