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Ahmet Dereci

Attorney LL.M./Partner

Ahmet Dereci is a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic background and extensive experience in the fields of International Business Law, renewable energy law, and the wholesale sector. With a master's degree in International Business Law, Ahmet has developed a deep understanding of the legal frameworks and regulations governing international business transactions.

Having garnered considerable expertise in the wholesale sector, Ahmet possesses a comprehensive understanding of its intricacies and dynamics. His experience in this industry has honed his skills in negotiating and drafting contracts, managing legal risks, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Ahmet's passion for renewable energy and his desire to contribute to a sustainable future led him to focus his doctoral research on power purchase agreements in the European Union (EU). Currently pursuing a Ph.D., Ahmet is delving into the complexities of renewable energy law, with a specific emphasis on the legal aspects of power purchase agreements. Through his research, he aims to shed light on the legal challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving sector.

In addition to his expertise in renewable energy law, Ahmet possesses a broad knowledge base in corporate law, commercial law, insurance law, and mergers and acquisitions. This diverse skill set equips him with a holistic perspective on legal issues that may arise within these areas. With a keen eye for detail, Ahmet excels in providing insightful legal advice, structuring contracts, and navigating complex legal landscapes.

Combining his academic achievements, professional experience, and dedication to furthering his knowledge through his Ph.D. research, Ahmet Dereci is a driven and accomplished legal professional. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his passion for renewable energy and international business, positions him as a valuable asset in the legal field, ready to tackle complex challenges and contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices within the corporate world.

Ahmet Dereci



Ph.D., Tilburg University, Netherlands,



European Business Law, Certificate, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany,



International Business Law, LL.M. Tilburg University, Netherlands,



Bachelor of Law, Bilkent University, Ankara,

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