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Demet Dereci


Demet Dereci is a highly skilled and accomplished lawyer specializing in International Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), with extensive expertise in a wide range of legal areas. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Demet excels in Commercial Law, Contract Law, International Migration Law, Nationality Law, Association Law, Intellectual Property, and Trademark Law.

As an expert in International Non-governmental Organizations, Demet Dereci possesses a deep understanding of the legal frameworks and complexities involved in this field. She has a proven track record of providing comprehensive legal guidance to NGOs, assisting them in navigating the intricacies of international regulations and compliance requirements. Her exceptional grasp of this area allows her to offer invaluable counsel on matters such as organizational structure, governance, operational policies, and strategic planning.

In addition to her expertise in NGO law, Demet Dereci is well-versed in Commercial Law, enabling her to assist clients in a variety of business-related matters. Her in-depth knowledge of Contract Law ensures that she can skillfully draft, review, and negotiate complex contracts to protect her clients' interests. Moreover, Demet's proficiency in International Migration Law and Nationality Law equips her to handle immigration issues and nationality applications for individuals and organizations alike.

Furthermore, Demet Dereci is a trusted legal advisor in the realms of Association Law, Intellectual Property, and Trademark Law. She provides valuable insights and guidance to clients seeking to establish and operate associations, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. With her comprehensive understanding of Intellectual Property and Trademark Law, Demet offers strategic counsel on matters such as trademark registration, protection of intellectual property rights, and enforcement of copyrights.

Demet Dereci



Legal English, Cambridge Law Studio, England



Trademark Attorney, Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute, Ankara



Bachelor of Law, Bilkent University, Ankara


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